Jermaine Smith is an American playwright, director and producer. Born and raised in the rough streets of East New York, Brooklyn, Smith's childhood has shown him the raw view of drug addiction, death and a fractured family structure. Smith was born to a mother addicted to drugs and a father who died of Cancer when Smith was 4 years of age. He spent the first twenty- seven years of his life living in without God and in confusion...- It was the deep valley's and trials in his life since the age of eight that birthed the passion for writing, and a desire to share with the world his pain.

In October of 2003, Smith's two year old nephew, who was diagnosed with Sickle -Cell Anemia at birth, experienced a normal fever and was wrongly determined as having a “ Sickle-Cell attack” and doctors provided him with the wrong medicine, which put him in a coma that he never woke up from....It was through that experience that God opened his Mother's eyes to “be born-again” as she gave her life and her addiction to the Lord....

Smith decided that day that he would join suit and follow this God, that healed his mother and turned a tragedy into healing for his family. Smith has been growing in the Lord for the last six years and felt lead to share his healing and story of forgiveness and restoration with the world. His mother has been clean ever since she gave her life to the Lord.

To date his play “ A Piece of Me” has lead Eighty one souls to Christ! Smith and his mother are an every day work in progress, destroying the resentment and bitterness that once was. Not only do they converse, they together live in God's love and unfailing power to restore.


**Jermaine is the Host of "The Jay Everyday Show" which formerly aired every Wednesday 6pm- 9pm (Eastern) on SARFM Radio "The Jay Everyday Show" will soon be heard on EverydayRadio ( as of June 2010.

* *Jermaine filmed with the Christian Broadcasting Network television show "The 700 Club" in Brooklyn, NY on September 22nd, with the show scheduled to be aired during the 2010 calendar year.